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                                          ( FILMED OVER 12 YEARS)

"Revolutionary in its approach and quietly transformational in the way of all great art; experiencing it will change you."  

"Terms like "epic," "ambitious," "one-of-a-kind" and "career-capping" normally sound pretentious. Not here- this is a special, special film"

"Few filmmakers ever make a great movie. Fewer still ever make a movie that expands what movies can express. Richard Linklater does both with Boyhood."




                                                     MONTY PYTHON LIVE MOSTLY


                                                               Two Screenings Only

                                                           Wednesday   6-August    7:30pm

                                                           Saturday      9-August   12:45pm


                                           Special Pricing: Adult $25,  Concession $20


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                                                FRIDAY  1-AUGUST

1:30pm  -  Mrs Brown's Boys D'Movie  | M |

3:30pm  -  Begin Again  | M |

5:45pm  -  Mrs Brown's Boys D'Movie  | M |

8:00pm  -  Mrs Brown's Boys D'Movie  | M |

                                                 SATURDAY 2-AUGUST

11:30am  -  Jersey Boys  | M |

  2:00pm  -  Mrs Brown's Boys D'Movie  | M |

  4:00pm  -  Private Screening

  6:00pm  -  Mrs Brown's Boys D'Movie  | M |

  8:00pm  -  The Fault In Our Stars  | M |

                                                SUNDAY 3-AUGUST

11:00am  -  Tinker Bell And The Pirate Fairy  | G |     

12:30pm  -  Mrs Brown's Boys D'Movie  | M |

  2:30pm  -  The Fault In Our Stars  | M |

  5:00pm  -  Begin Again  | M |

  7:15pm  -  Calvary  | R13 |


                                                 WEDNESDAY 6-AUGUST

2:00pm  -  The Face Of Love  | M |

3:45pm  -  Calvary  | R13 |

5:40pm  -  Mrs Brown's Boys D'Movie  | M |

7:30pm  -  Monty Python Live Mostly  | M |




Comedy, Drama  -  M


You're only as strong as your next move.


The writer-director of Once returns to the music romance scene, putting Mark Ruffalo in the shoes of a failed exec who happens upon Keira Knightley’s singer-songwriter performing in a bar, having suffered a cold dumping from her now-ex-boyfriend. When he gets an earful of her talents, the pair decides to jumpstart each other’s careers by setting up gigs all around the Manhattan streets. Co-stars Hailee Steinfeld (True Grit), Catherine Keener (Performance) and musicians Mos Def and CeeLo Green.







Comedy  -  M


The irreverent BBC sitcom gets the big screen treatment. Created by and starring comedian Brendan O'Carroll, and based on O'Carroll's stageplays, our heroine is the big-hearted, outspoken Irish mammy named Agnes Brown.







Comedy, Drama  -  R13


Killing a priest on Sunday, that'll be a good one.


Black comedy starring Brendan Gleeson (In Bruges) as a good-natured Irish Catholic priest who, while trying to believe the best of his parishioners, is continually shocked by the spiteful and confrontational inhabitants of his small country town. Dark thoughts begin to take over when his life is threatened during confession. Co-stars fellow Irish thespians Chris O'Dowd, Dylan Moran and Kelly Reilly. From the director of The Guard, which also starred Gleeson.






Comedy, Drama, Music  -  M


Everybody remembers it how they need to.


Clint Eastwood directs the film adaptation of the hit Broadway musical about a group of New Jersey friends, from the wrong side of the tracks, who would become '60s pop sensations Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons. 


The story shows how lessons learned in the streets of New Jersey got the group through a multitude of challenges: gambling debts, personality clashes, Mafia threats and family disasters. John Lloyd Mills Young resumes the role of Frankie Valli in the film version, after two years playing the singer on Broadway (for which he won a Best Actor Tony Award in 2006), joined by Erich Bergen, Vincent Piazza and Michael Lomenda as The Four Seasons.






Drama, Romance  -  M


One sick love story.


Shailene Woodley (The Spectacular Now) leads this adaptation of John Green's melancholy young adult novel as cancer-stricken teen Hazel. While attending a cancer support group, Hazel meets Gus (Ansel Elgort, Carrie) – a fellow “survivor” with only one leg and charisma to spare. The pair bond, but when Gus becomes more affectionate, Hazel remains cautious about their potentially brief and inevitable future. Academy Award nominees Willem Dafoe and Laura Dern co-star.




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